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We have a 7-10 day turn around, plus freight time. No guarantees on any event dates or in hand dates. As one of the top manufacturers of canopy tents, we prioritize getting your order to you as quickly as possible. The shipping cost will be determined based on the destination of your order.

Our custom tents are versatile and suitable for a range of events. They are a popular choice for vendors looking to make a statement at town fairs and festivals, as the unique design helps them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, businesses that attend trade shows often opt for custom 10×10 canopy tents because they are easily visible from a distance, drawing potential customers to their display booth. Many of our clients choose to showcase their company’s logo on the canopy top, helping to spread brand awareness and generate interest in their products or services.

When you order our custom tents, the entire canopy can be personalized with your graphics for a single price. This means that you can print on all canopy peaks and valances without incurring additional fees. Each canopy section of our custom 10×10 pop up tent offers the option of using the same design or a different one, giving you the freedom to create a unique look. There are no restrictions on what you can print on these canopies, so you have complete creative control. Additionally, we offer a variety of styles for custom printed walls, stock color walls, and canopy tent accessories that you can purchase to complement your customized tent.

Our frame is constructed from aluminum. The materials are lightweight and collapsible and is the strongest in the market. This is better equipped for the outdoors due to its resistance to rusting. The frames have a hexagonal leg shape for extra strength.

Our 10×10 canopies using polyester fabric, enabling us to utilize a contemporary dye-sublimation printing technique that produces vivid, attention-grabbing colors. With sublimation, the ink is infused into the fabric, which means that it won’t scratch or peel off the polyester. We also incorporate full color CMYK printing, which enables you to include as many colors and intricate details as you desire without impacting the overall cost.

The custom printed 10×10 canopy is available in a 600D Polyester. The 600D material is water-resistant, scratch-proof, and flame-retardant, which makes it perfect for indoor/outdoor setups. The 600D Polyester is a premium material, which is very durable making it ideal for outdoor display and heavy-use. For any stock color walls you include, we use the same material.

All our canopies are available in a 600D polyester material. Lastly, we offer a number of accessories such has canopy weights, stakes, and more.

Our accessories allow you to setup your tent without any hassle. It is important to think about where you tent will be placed when choosing your accessories. Weights are for stabilizing the tent frame on hard ground, such as indoor flooring and outdoor pavement, while the stakes secure the tent and canopy in softer ground, like grass and sand. The cases are for transporting the tent from event to event. All our 10×10 custom event tents collapse down to a compact size so that they fit in our heavy duty roll bag.

All our tent frames expand to a larger size that clicks into place. The telescopic tent legs raise and lower to their proper size. There are push buttons located on the legs for adjusting the height until the legs lock. The larger tent frames include a crank for a taut canopy. Depending on the frame, the tents reach from an 84in to an 87in clearance. This is all done without tools. View our “Videos” tab to see a step-by-step instructional video on how to assemble the custom printed 10×10 pop up tents.

Connecting the custom printed 10×10 canopy to the tent is easy. Before extending your tent frame to its full size, apply the tent canopy on top of the frame and secure it with the fabric-receptive loops. When the custom 10×10 canopy tent extends to its full size, so will the canopy. Before adjusting the tent to its full height, apply any walls you added to your order. If you have a stool or ladder, attach the walls when the tent is set at its full height.



Our standard turnaround time is 7 to 10 business days, plus shipping. Rush production is offered if you need your stretch table covers sooner than our standard turnaround time. We also offer expedited shipping options if you need your products as soon as possible.

Lay the table cover out onto the table. Unfold and stretch the cover over the corners and extend the end pockets over the feet of the table.

We offer three easy methods to design your table cover: Design Online, Upload Artwork Template, or our Free Design Services. Our pre-press team carefully examines each artwork submission to identify any errors or issues. Once we have reviewed your artwork, we will send you an email containing the final design proof for your approval before we proceed with producing your order.

Custom stretch table covers form the shape of the table so that the print is fully visible. Standard tablecloths hang down the table like the classic style used for regular table covers.

These table covers are a common sight at events that host numerous vendor booths. Companies often create their own stretch tablecloths for their setup at events such as tradeshows, street fairs, conventions, product demonstrations, and others. Although these table covers are often used in professional settings, they can also be personalized with information such as wedding dates for rehearsals and receptions.

Using these stretch table covers can be a cost-effective way to promote your message or brand. They can be used to complement other printed products such as custom pop-up tents, backdrops, and more.


Our custom spandex stretch table covers are made using dye sublimation printing, which involves infusing the ink into the fabric to create a smooth and seamless appearance. Unlike other printing methods that leave a noticeable texture and make the graphic look like it’s placed on top of the fabric, dye sublimation printing blends the fabric and print seamlessly. This technique is perfect for creating bold and vibrant graphics with full color CMYK printing at no extra cost, giving you the freedom to use as many colors as you want.

The difference is based on how you want your table covers printed:

Logo Print – This option is ideal if you want a stretch table cover with logo print. The printed graphic appears in specific areas of the tablecloth on top of your choice of several background colors.

All Over Print – The entire custom stretch tablecloth can be covered in your design. You have free range to design across the whole cover, including the top.


Yes. For more information about custom sizes please contact our support team by phone at (737) 471-9559 or via email at

Both of the available tablecloth styles have the same sizes. We include a 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft table cover. The table size should be roughly the same size as the stretch table cover for the best fit. See details below.

  • 4ft tablecloths measure 48in x 29in x 18.35in.
  • 6ft tablecloths measure 72in x 29.5in x 23in.
  • 8ft tablecloths measure 96in x 30in x 24.25in.

Our custom stretch table covers come in four coverage options to suit your needs. The first is the 3-sided coverage, which leaves an arched opening at the back of the table display. This option is ideal if you’re planning to have people sit behind the table. The banquet style, on the other hand, has a slight arch on both the front and back, giving the cover a sophisticated appearance. If you prefer full coverage, we offer a 4-sided version, which can come with or without a zipper. The non-zipper option provides a seamless look, while the version with a zipper allows for convenient storage of items under the table while maintaining a complete appearance.

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